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Artist. Creator. Visionary.

Since arriving on the professional scene in August 2021, I’ve worked hard to capture and intrigue the art community.  My desire to create art became an unyielding obligation to myself to explore my creative consciousness.  I gather much of my inspiration from personal experiences and nature.  Even though I create primarily for myself, collectors have received my work well.  If you would like to talk about my process, see my work in person, or connect, please reach out.

I first started painting flowers to connect with Phyllis Semple, who loved flowers and suddenly passed away.  Phyllis took away my self-doubt and showered me with encouragement.  While living with Phyllis and her husband Ted, I learned about Georgia O’Keeffe, who became my inspiration.  I love that O’Keeffe was an independent woman who did not let the ideas of others squash her unique ones and that she was able to be successful despite traditional mindsets.  My subject matter is the same as O'Keeffe's, but my approach differs, and my work reflects an emotion or story and is much more detailed.  

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