Rinat's Purchase

"My husband and I love to wake up to these three pieces that we acquired from Renee Switkes. They brighten our living area with color and joy. It was a pleasure buying from Renee. She delivered the art all packaged and protected in beautiful boxes. It was a delight to open them and see the art."

Rinat G.

20180508_193606 (3).jpg

"Our family is blessed with one of Renee’s beautiful paintings. We purchased one last year to adorn my office. Every morning I get to view that beautiful art piece and it gives me that shot of inspiration and vigor that I need to be my best. It also helps that the artist is one of the most generous and supportive persons I have ever met."

Richard S.


"I bought one of Renee's paintings as a reward to myself for hitting a business goal. I am in awe of the painting style. It's so realistic and vibrant. I couldn't find the right place for it in my office and rushing one day I set it on the wall behind the chair I sit in. The next time I jumped on a video call I noticed it was perfectly placed behind me. My client on the other end of the video call gets to see a beautiful piece of art and I see it as well. it is a perfect reminder that if I set my mind to it, I can reach my goal and it will result in beautiful things. Now I've got my mindset on the next painting I want from her, I just have to reach the next goal I've set. I can get used to this."

Tracy C.