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"My husband and I love to wake up to these three pieces that we acquired from Renee Switkes. They brighten our living area with color and joy. It was a pleasure buying from Renee. She delivered the art all packaged and protected in beautiful boxes. It was a delight to open them and see the art."

Rinat G.

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"Our family is blessed with one of Renee’s beautiful paintings. We purchased one last year to adorn my office. Every morning I get to view that beautiful art piece and it gives me that shot of inspiration and vigor that I need to be my best. It also helps that the artist is one of the most generous and supportive persons I have ever met."

Richard S.

"I bought one of Renee's paintings as a reward to myself for hitting a business goal. I am in awe of the painting style. It's so realistic and vibrant. I couldn't find the right place for it in my office and rushing one day I set it on the wall behind the chair I sit in. The next time I jumped on a video call I noticed it was perfectly placed behind me. My client on the other end of the video call gets to see a beautiful piece of art and I see it as well. it is a perfect reminder that if I set my mind to it, I can reach my goal and it will result in beautiful things. Now I've got my mindset on the next painting I want from her, I just have to reach the next goal I've set. I can get used to this."

Tracy C.

"Thank you for your beautiful work!  Every time one of my family members or I alight our gaze on your painting, one of us will gasp or comment on how lovely it is, how talented you are, or how blessed we are to have this amazing piece of art in our home.  It is so much better than we could have imagined." 

Barbara J.


"I bought this beautiful painting during my recovery from two cancer surgeries, knowing that I was now cancer-free. The painting spoke to me of life, change, and hope, as did Renee's words. The painting is hanging in my living room, next to 1000 cranes that were given to me before my first surgery and near my patio vegetable garden, giving me daily joy.

Jenny S.


“I crossed paths with Renee’s Inner Strength piece at an Artist Open Studio event last year and I was immediately drawn to it.  I was mesmerized by both its vibrancy and the details in the petals.  Every time I look at it, I am invited to contemplate its contours, reflecting back to me the contours of my own inner strength.  The painting has graced two spots in my home.  For a time it was on the wall in my office, drawing many compliments from others who spotted it during a zoom call.  Today it sits on the mantle in our living room, providing a beautiful spot of color and a constant source of joy.”

Linda B.

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