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Artist Statement

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I believe in bringing joy to people and that we all need to slow down.  For me, nature and flowers provide just that.  Immersing myself in the beauty of flowers brings me joy.  Focusing on each petal one at a time forces me to spend time observing every turn and twist of the flower petals I paint.  Through my slow methodical painting process, I’m able to bring a centering balance to my art and life.


I express my feelings and communicate an emotional personal narrative by using the language of flowers to reflect my heart and mind.  I refer to my representational style as ‘painterly photographic’ because I am meticulous in painting the details, while also using my blending paint strokes.  I am drawn to the contrast of light and shadow.  I especially like to mix colors to show the delicate opaque surface of the flower but also the tender transparency as the light shines through them.  


My process begins by visiting gardens and taking photos of flowers that catch my eye.  When it's time to begin a new piece, I scroll through my archives until the right flower speaks to me by evoking sentiments I feel my soul needs to express. ⁠ I use an acrylic wash to paint the base layer, mapping out the forms onto canvas.  Then I paint in layers in one area at a time using small mixtures of paint.  Then I will go back and touch up areas that need more contrast and make the lights brighter. 


Essentially painting flowers helps me to slow down and enjoy the simple beauty nature provides and my desire is for others to feel joy and connect on a deeper level when they view my paintings.

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